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Sour Patch Kiss Canabis Genetics

Sour Patch Kiss

  Sour Patch Kiss is one of our more unique cultivars from ELEV8 Genetics being that she produces dense, tall nuggets and an abundance of sour, sativa goodness. This strain carries all of the bag appeal that you would want with its bright orange hairs, big dense buds, and the heavy sour stench it puts […]

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Tangerine Cookies Cannabis Genetics

Tangerine Cookies

  Tangerine Cookies by ELEV8 Genetics has yet again combined two amazing cultivars together to create one amazingly good smoke. The Thin Mint Cookies parent mainly adds stability and denseness to the growth of the plant while the Tangie is superior in the terpene department. Tangerine Cookies is a well-balanced hybrid perfect smoking at any […]

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Gorilla Cookies Cannabis Genetics

Gorilla Cookies

  Gorilla Cookies from ELEV8 Genetics combines two very popular and stable genetics into one genius creation. Gorilla Cookies holds the heavy stench and resin coverage that Gorilla Glue #4 is known for always having and the Thin Mint Cookies gives the plant a much denser structure, darker hues, and adds a smooth doughy layer […]

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