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Bugatti #13 Cannabis Genetics

Bugatti #13

  Giovanni Battista “Bugatti” is the newest addition to our Reserve Collection of cultivars. It’s obvious that this is one of our top cultivars when you lay eyes on the resin covered  buds. This OGKB heavy cross reeks with a doughy sweetness that follows through with every hit. Bugatti #13 puts off a very indica […]

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  OGKB is a classic cultivar that is not seen much in the market today but many crosses with the use of OGKB are very common. Short and dense in structure, this strain produces dark green buds that are layered in sticky resin. OGKB has a dominant scent of burnt rubber and fuel, backed with […]

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GMO Cookies

  We popped a grip of beans from Mamiko Seeds Chem Cookies and found our selection of the infamous GMO Cookies. This cultivar without a doubt lives up to all the hype and comes with an undeniable stench of garlic, earth, and gas. The buds hold a variety of hues consisting of greens and purples […]

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Cherry Cream Pie

  Brought to fame by Exotic Genetics, Cherry Cream Pie is a one of a kind cultivar in our stable. The strain grows with gorgeous calyx structure and dark purple hues contrasted with fluorescent orange hairs. The smell comes off very sweet and creamy with nutty undertones creating and overall pungent aroma. As Cherry Cream […]

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Thin Mint Cookies

  Popularized a few years back, Thin Mint Cookies has become a staple in the cannabis industry as it not only an amazing cultivar when grown to finish, but it also has become a popular commodity in the breeding community. Thin Mint Cookies has lime green buds accompanied by purple notes and flashy orange hairs. […]

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Super Knot

  Super Knot is an old school cut of OG Kush that was popularized by a small group of growers in LA in the late 90’s. Super Knot puts off a pungent diesel nose with slight sour lemon drop undertones that you can not only smell, but the taste comes through with each pull off […]

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