Mac #1 Cannabis Genetics


  The highly sought after MAC #1 has been a recently popular name amongst the cannabis community fortunately enough, we were able to run Capulator’s first choice cut of this genetic and boy does she stand out. MAC #1 has rich tones of Gala apples and biscuits with a smooth touch of gas that’s perfect […]

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Grape Pie

  Grape Pie from Cannarado Genetics is a frosty cultivar that grows resinous buds with a heavy, sweet, aroma-filled nose that carries tones of grape flavoring and a hint of gas. This cultivar is sticky to the touch and produces very vibrant flowers that are coated in trichomes. Leaning more on the indica side of […]

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Animal Mints #15

  Animal Mints #15 is another rare release from Seedjunky Genetics that reached an auction price topping out at just under $2000. Animal Mints #15 is an amazing back-cross was created to help stabilize the genetic as the breeder wanted to get the most out of the strain. This Animal Mints cut offers a smooth […]

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Gelato #33

  Popularized in California, notably the Bay area, Gelato is a Cookies Fam genetic that is a real showstopper due to its unique flavor pallet. The Gelato cultivar had many phenotypes released, the #33 being one of the most sought after. Its smell has an uncanny resemblance to cold sherbet and gelato ice creams, giving […]

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Bugatti #13

  Giovanni Battista “Bugatti” is the newest addition to our Reserve Collection of cultivars. It’s obvious that this is one of our top cultivars when you lay eyes on the resin covered  buds. This OGKB heavy cross reeks with a doughy sweetness that follows through with every hit. Bugatti #13 puts off a very indica […]

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  OGKB is a classic cultivar that is not seen much in the market today but many crosses with the use of OGKB are very common. Short and dense in structure, this strain produces dark green buds that are layered in sticky resin. OGKB has a dominant scent of burnt rubber and fuel, backed with […]

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